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Our Expertise

At Crystal Clear Cleaning , We take pride in delivering our services to the clients. We try to understand each of our clients individual requirement and tailor made our solution to the clients needs.

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Waste Management

Solid Waste management , Roro Bin and Recycling 

High Level wall glass cleaning , billboard and 

Highways maintenance

Crystal Clear's staff has been well trained to ensure the services rendered are always reflecting our clients image and brands. All of our deliverable will be supported with constant monitoring and progress report to ensure clients have peace of minds when subscribing to our services.

Standards Enhancement and Training

  • Perform Quarterly Quality Audits (QQA) to close gaps and to enhance our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

  • Adopt and comply to professional cleaning standard body:

    • British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS)

  • Practise MS2550:2014 Cleaning Performance – Commercial & Public Buildings as well as NOSS (National Occupational Skills Standard)

  • Provide periodical training (every quarter)


Crystal Clear acknowledge its contribution, as a consumer of resources to the growing global environmental burden and recognizes its responsibility to future generations by undertaking business practices that promote sustainable development. Crystal Clear are commit to comply with relevant environmental legislation and minimize pollution, resource use and waste through the continual improvement of performance in all areas of the Company.


Crystal Clear recognizes the need to operate in a manner that reflects good environmental management. Crystal Clear will:

  • Consistently increase the awareness and provide necessary training to all employees and customers to ensure environmentally responsible concepts are integrated into their normal working practices.

  • Use products that have a negligible environmental impact where appropriate options exist.

  • Reduce consumption of resources (energy, materials and packaging).

  • Minimize waste through a commitment to reuse or recycle, where feasible.

  • Regularly monitor and review environmental performance.

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59000 Kuala Lumpur

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